Mindfulness Coaching School: Writing, Creativity & The Mindful Coach


January 7, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – February 25, 2019 @ 3:30 pm
Brittany Wildfong
(505) (906) 6700
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Event Start Date: Monday, January 07, 2019 – 2:00 PM

Event End Date: Monday, February 25, 2019 – 3:30 PM

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Mondays, January 7 – February 25

Based on the writing and teachings of author Albert Flynn DeSilver.

Writing is one of the most powerful points of attention we have as human beings, and when we focus our attention toward the realms of the possible, our lives become a living expression of possibility. The practice of writing is an exploration of consciousness – a practice toward deeper self-awareness – and moves us along the path of awakening to our true nature. Many of our greatest spiritual teachers and coaches from around the world were, and are writers. We will reflect on their gifts as well as explore our own throughout this class. From Sappho in the 7th century BC, to Pema Chodron—from Rumi in the 13th century to Thomas Merton, Jack Kornfield, and the Dalai Lama—the written word has the power, not only to inspire, but to awaken the very best in the human heart.

Join us for this exciting eight-week course exploring your inner and outer creativity through the practices of writing and coaching. The class will revolve around how to utilize writing for not only personal awakening, but also as a way to engage your coaching clients in a more creative and mindful way. The sessions will include periods of dynamic mindfulness practices, innovative writing exercises, readings, Q&A, sharing, discussion and coaching demonstrations. The purpose is to explore and inspire our innate creativity and intuition while experiencing deeper levels of awareness through the practices of writing and deep listening.

• How to cultivate or reconnect with a writing practice and integrate it within your coaching practice
• Innovative writing prompts, specific techniques and practices to improve your writing and that you can use with your clients
• Ways to free yourself of writing blocks
• How to access deeper levels of creativity and awareness through the practice of mindfulness
• A deeper understanding of the connection between creativity and consciousness
• Cultivate a mindful writing practice for yourself and your coaching clients
• Using somatic wisdom to connect with your truth

Number of Core Competency (CC) credits: 12