Coaching Pacific: Executive and Organisational Coaching Certificate (EOCC) The Hague area of the Netherlands


March 1, 2019 @ 9:00 am – July 22, 2019 @ 10:30 am
Euros 3,770 plus VAT or other currency equivalent. Early bird price (for bookings made by 16th November: Euros 3,370 plus VAT (or other currency equivalent)
Tracy Sinclair
(+44) (07920) 407582
The Hague area of the Netherlands
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Event Start Date: Friday, March 01, 2019 – 9:00 AM

Event End Date: Monday, July 22, 2019 – 10:30 AM

Additional dates and times for this event:

Module 1:
– Kick-off webinar: 1 March (9am-10am UK time)
– 3-day f2f workshop: 6-8 March (8.30am-5.30pm in the Netherlands)

Module 2:
– Webinar 1: 25 March (9am-10.30am UK time)
– Webinar 2: 10 May (9am-10.30am UK time)

Module 3: –3-day f2f workshop:11-13 June (8.30am-5.30pm in the Netherlands)

Module 4:
– Webinar 1: 1 July (9am-10.30am UK time)
– Webinar 2: 22 July (9am-10.30am UK time)

Event Description:

This ICF ACSTH Accredited Coach Training is ideal for:

Senior Leaders with expertise in general management who are now ready to raise their game in leading others: to grow their team and empower their people. Or new leaders ready for effective processes and masterful people-skills.

The Executive and Organisational Coaching Certificate amplifies the leader’s existing skill-set, providing understanding, structure and processes which enable you to grow your own team as well as your own leadership capability.

Coaches who are new to coaching with an aptitude for those people skills which allow you to coach others to their identified goals.

Or an experienced coach looking for an ICF credential or for the affirmation of proven processes to support your practice.

Or an internal coach looking for professional development or who is now planning their own coaching or consulting business. This training will deliver the structures, processes and skill-set development which you need to move you onwards in your coaching journey.

HR Professionals who want to deepen their expertise in developing people. You will take your identified goals from the f2f days back into your workplace; stepping into the practical application of your developing skills, with the processes and tools which you will now apply to your own projects in your HR practice.

Build your understanding of how your brain works into a new way of working with other people’s insights to build the momentum of a coaching culture within your organisation.

Event Details:  Brochure_EOCC_UK_Netherlands_Aug18_V001.pdf